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If you have been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of another person, now is the time to consult an attorney.  There is no cost or obligation to discuss your case and answer your questions so you may make an informed decision as to whether your need legal representation.

Call me at 480-246-6505 or contact me by email at wayneturley@gmail.com.

I represent individuals throughout Arizona.  Claims may usually be brought in the County where the Defendant is located or where the injury or accident occurred.  Even if you live outside Arizona, but were injured by an Arizona resident or company, you may retain an attorney and bring your claim in Arizona.


Only a small percentage of Arizona attorneys achieve the distinction of being certified specialists in Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation, certified by the State Bar of Arizona Board of Legal Specialization.  I have been a certified specialist since 1998 and have practiced exclusively in this area since 1982.  Becoming a certified specialist requires substantial practice in personal injury litigation over a period of years, substantial experience in jury trials, recommendations and evaluations by other attorneys, and successfully passing a comprehensive exam.  To maintain certification requires successfully re-certifying every five years, demonstrating continued experience in litigation and trials and positive peer evaluations.  I have successfully re-certified in 2003, 2008 and 2013.  Retaining a certified specialist gives you a definite advantage in experience.


You are entitled to recover your damages from any person or business who was at fault in causing your injury or damages.  Fault means that the person was negligent or careless.  That is, they failed to use reasonable care and as a result you were injured.  There are many types of negligence claims.  If you were injured:

in a motor vehicle accident (car, truck, motorcycle) where someone else's negligence or carelessness helped cause the collision,

because of a defective and unreasonably dangerous condition at someone's home or business,

due to the negligence of a city or county or state government, the federal government, a tribal government or a school district,

due to a dog bite, or other negligence by an individual that causes injury,

sand uffered a death of a spouse or parent or child due to the negligence of someone else,

then you should contact an attorney to evaluate your case and your alternatives in order to be fairly compensated for your injuries and damages.  Do not delay.  There are strict time limits for filing negligence claims in court and giving required notice to governmental entities.  However, even more urgent, your claim should be investigated and documented as soon as possible, before the conditions or circumstances change or are destroyed. Depending on the facts, photos should be taken.   Witnesses should be interviewed while their memories are still fresh.  Thorough investigation is a necessary part of good legal representation.

Wrongful death claims are available to surviving spouses, children or parents when the death of a loved one occurs as result of the negligence or carelessness of another person.  Strict time limits also apply to wrongful death claims.

Insurance claims are frequently available when a motor vehicle collision is caused by an uninsured motorist, or when the damages you have suffered exceed the available insurance policy limits of the person causing the motor vehicle collision.  Uninsured and underinsured motorist claims and bad faith claims, where your insurance company fails to treat you fairly, are avenues of recovery which should be carefully evaluated.


Arizona law allows for you to recover the full amount of money which will reasonably and fairly compensate you for the following elements of damage:

1.  The nature, extent and duration of your injury,

2.  The pain, discomfort, suffering, disability, disfigurement and anxiety that you have already experienced, and that you are reasonably likely to experience in the future,

3.  The reasonable expenses of necessary medical care, treatment and services rendered already and reasonably likely to be needed in the future,

4.  Lost earnings to date and any decrease in earnings or earning capacity in the future,

5.  Loss of love, care, affection, companionship, and other pleasures of your marriage and family relationship (for both spouses),

6.  Loss of enjoyment of life, that is, loss of the ability to participate in life's activities to the quality and extent you normally enjoyed before the injury.

These elements of damage are set out in the Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (RAJI), used by juries in Superior Courts in Arizona.  Each element requires careful preparation and presentation, using expert witnesses in appropriate cases.  For an evaluation of how these elements of damage may apply in your case, call me for a free telephone consultation, 480-246-6505 or email me at wayneturley@gmail.com.


You should feel confidence in the attorney you choose to represent you.  I have handled hundreds of cases over these past 35 years from the first meeting with clients through successful trials or arbitrations or settlements.  That is experience you can rely on. 

My cases have included:

Hundreds of motor vehicle collisions (car, truck, and motorcycle) in many circumstances, due to the fault of another driver, or the highway designer,

Failure to diagnose breast cancer cases, and many medical malpractice cases, including for example, the wrongful death of the mother of three minor children due to the negligence of a physician and hospital in discharging the mother from the emergency room when her potassium level was excessively elevated, resulting in her death from a heart attack at home,

Product liability cases, including a partial amputation of the foot of a food manufacturer worker due to the defective design of a material chute, when the worker slipped and fell into the chute which was not properly guarded,

Defective design of a ladder resulting in a serious fall when the ladder slipped due to defective foot pads,

Wrongful arrest and prosecution of a man for crimes the police admitted they knew he could not have committed,

Negligence in the reconstruction of a torn anterior cruciate ligament in a professional football player by an orthopedic surgeon,

A fractured leg from a fall in someone's yard due to an unreasonably dangerous condition in the yard,

Negligence in stacking drywall sheets on a commercial jobsite, resulting in a worker suffering multiple fractures to his ankle and permanent disability when the stack fell on him, where the jury verdict was over one million dollars,

Electrocution and fractures from a fall from a commercial electrical sign, due to improperly placed overhead electrical lines located too close to the electrical sign, which also resulted in a jury verdict of over one million dollars in damages against Salt River Project and the City of Phoenix,

A serious knee injury requiring surgery to a roofer, injured due to the negligence of the general contractor on a jobsite who left trash on a roof, resulting in a jury verdict in the hundreds of thousands of dollars,

Legal malpractice by a lawyer who failed to file a Complaint within required time limits,

The wrongful death of a husband and father who died as a result of overmedication in a West Phoenix hospital, resulting in kidney failure,

Defective Christmas tree lights resulting in a fire which substantially destroyed a family's home,

and many more.


If you have been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of someone else, do not hesitate to call or email now for a detailed evaluation of your case by telephone or email at your convenience.  There is no cost or obligation.  If you decide to retain me, attorney fees are contingent on obtaining a recovery of damages for you.  Costs are usually advanced, so there is often no out-of-pocket expense to begin.  Start protecting your rights now! 

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